Level 150 - We'll Do It LIVE!

We celebrated Level 150 with a live stream on our YouTube channel! Thanks to everyone that participated, and everyone that's supported us over the years and helped get us to Level 150! 

Please note, we are no longer a PG rated show. If you'd like us to retain our PG rating, please let us know. Otherwise, we're going to say what we want from now on. Thanks!

This week, we started with our best guesses for NES games that will be included with Switch Online, Pokemon Switch rumours, Star Fox Grand Prix, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, and Nintendo's mobile games, before finishing with an open AMA to the chat!

This show is made possible due to the support of our Patrons over at patreon.com/makeusbetter

We’d like to thank our Patrons, including;

Platinum Executive Producers: Corey Hicks [twitch.tv/chicks_18] and Mr. Mark Moody [youtube.com/MrMoodyReviews]

Gold Executive Producer: Sheldon Benedict and Tony Baker

Gentlemen Executive Producers: Dude427, Martini Jean, Aaron Doherty, David Ray, Jesse Armstrong, Joel Brooks, James Johnson, Nick Milicia, Tim Aulph

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